A friend showed me a video earlier of an interview of Childish Gambino. Several great points were brought up that had me thinking long after that replay button popped up, one of which was forward-thinking. He mentioned how everyone seems to be “afraid to move on”, and how the internet seems to be very focused on nostalgia, as opposed to new concepts and ideas.
My immediate reaction to this was quite minimal, as I viewed it as obvious. We see Buzzfeed articles all the time about how great the 90’s were, and how awesome certain things in our past were and how we should bring them back. I then got to thinking deeper about the subject and realized that if people spent their time and effort thinking about progress, rather than dwelling on the past, they would be a lot more productive and be putting their thoughts to better use. What was so great about these things from the past? List them out. Meld the greatness of the past with the potential of the future.
A common trait among talented people is foresight. These people focus on bettering themselves every day and take the knowledge of the past and apply it to current situations. They become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Like Childish was getting at in the interview, people are afraid to break out of their own norm. How do you expect to better yourself if you are too set in your own ways? Letting your fears decide your fate is putting yourself on the fast-track to failure, or at the very least, monotony.
The hardest part of any project, at least in my experience, is starting it. I have always been known to get lost in my own thoughts, and the reason for that is because I am always thinking of new ideas. It’s like I cannot shut that part of my mind off, and in situations like when I am at work, it can be destructive. I’ll write the best ideas down on a notepad and go about my day, with full intentions to get back to that idea or concept and explore it in my free time, but I never do. I end up getting caught in the day-to-day routine because it is comfortable and familiar. If I took the time to think…really think about my future, I would decide to put the monotony aside and get started on a new project.
Everyone can benefit from forward-thinking, and if we stop spending all of our time focusing on the past and redirect that energy into not only our future but the future of humanity, everyone would be much happier.


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