The Meaning of TPoB

Here we are on Day 3 of The Daily Post’s “Zero to Hero” challenge and today’s goal is to post about the topic that was on your mind when you originally created your account and made the commitment to blog.
zero-to-heroThe Back Story
I have already mentioned how important it is to me to write down my thoughts, so it may not come as a surprise to you that that is a major reason I decided to start blogging. In the past, I have had strong feelings about certain things, wrote them down on a scrap piece of paper and that was the end of it. I have periodically attempted to keep a journal but it never took long for me to come to the conclusion that it was pointless to keep all of these thoughts to myself. I began finding myself writing like I was speaking to other people and not to myself. Sure, you can interpret that as being self-absorbed but I view it as a need to connect with people.
Why “The Pursuit of Betterment”?
Honestly, when it hit me to create a WordPress account, I was listening to Kid Cudi and had just finished “Pursuit of Happiness” Combining the title with one of my goals in life, to better myself in at least one way each and every day, I came up with TPoB. Simple I know, but I loved it and it stuck instantly. I have had a strong belief for about a year now that the best way to find out what you are supposed to do with your life is to not only identify your passions, but combine them in a way that allows them to build off from one another. In my case, I love music, writing and people. What better way to combine these than to start a blog?
downloadWhat it Means to You
As much or as little as you want it to. I’m looking to increase my skills in writing and if along the way I pick up some new like-minded friends, fantastic! I strongly believe that empowering others is a sure-fire way to empower yourself and seeing other people smile, especially because of me, puts a smile right back on my face.
3What You Can Expect
As the weeks go by, I am perfecting the flow of this blog and making all operations run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. On my journeys around the site and as I teach myself the ins and outs of blogging, you will see this site become more and more “official” and consistent. I strive to make this experience as enjoyable as possible and I feel that if you are taking the time to stop in on a relatively constant basis, I should put in the work to please you to the best of my ability. I’m very open to suggestions, so if you ever feel like tossing a tip my way, check out the “Contact Me” page to get in touch with me and to shoot me some knowledge.

A deep thank you from the bottom of my heart to not only my new fans but the ones who have supported me from Day 1 in my journey to better myself and to get others thinking about what matters. 


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