The Day The World Turned Grey

It was a regular day in a regular world.
Birds were flying, wind was blowing, and people were moving.
An average day in the life of an average guy.
Apathy and complacency were written all over my face as I got in my car to head to work.

“Am I running late?”
“How much money do I have?”
“Can I get everything done today?”

Red light. Stop.
Green light. Go.
Hurry up already.

The wipers are moving full blast, back and forth, left and right.
A man stopped at a crosswalk and looked both ways.
Not today, guy.  I have places to be.

I made it with a minute to spare.
Let’s get down to work.
Nothing matters right now besides completing the task at hand.


I noticed something out of place
Looking up, I peer out the window to see what may have caught my attention.
A woman dancing to the beat of a street performer.

“I have things to do. Stop wasting time”
I began my work.
Methodically filling out paperwork one by one.

I gaze out the window again, on habit.
She was still there.
Moving elegantly to the rhythm of an acoustic guitar.

The music came alive through her.
Her, that woman, the medium.
Channeling each note like a serpent from a basket.

I looked back down to work.
Something was, again, different.
The color was fading.

The fresh black ink from my pen dried grey.
The blindingly white paper was grey.
Looking back at me, my reflection on my monitor showed a man grey as a ghost.

I began to panic internally
Maintaining my cool as the entire office turned grey.
Did no one else see?

I excused myself for a smoke break and stepped outside.
My lighter radiated grey as it flickered to life.
Hands shakily lighting my now dull cigarette.

Before the first puff, I look up to the performer
He was still there. The dancer was still there.
The music changed, as did her dance.


She wasn’t grey.
The guitar was grey, and the man was grey.
But she wasn’t grey.

Her color was almost blinding
Her quick movements flashing light
Flickering much brighter than the ghostly glow of my lighter.

I was as entranced with her as she was with the music.
I snuffed out the unused lit cigarette with my heel
And I made my way to the dancer.

Closer than ever before, she was even more beautiful
Her eyes glowing blue as the softest seas
Her hair falling perfectly across her shoulders

Before I could ask what she had done, she grabbed my hand
In that instant, the world came back to life, but different from before.
Colors were more vibrant..
Smells pungent, Sights sharper.
I looked to her again…
And time

But we remained.

Dancing to the rhythm of a new song.
And everything was the same as before




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