Thoughts on My Dream Career

I want to be an author. I want to be one of those people who makes a living by storytelling.

This has been my ultimate dream for a very long time, quite honestly from as far back as I can remember.

I started out by crudely stapling 10 pieces of office paper together and coming up with Detective stories starring my brother and I. We would come up with very basic stories about murders or missing animals, and we would very horribly attempt to illustrate these literary masterpieces. My gift is my writing, not my drawing! That went on for quite some time…I only wish that they had been saved so I could show them all to you. We really had fun with it.

In 3rd grade, I discovered my love of acting as well. I learned that playing a role was an extension of writing. It was taking words that you did not write and expressing them with your own spin. There was a lot of fun to be had in that.
I was cast as Alex, the main character for our play “Alex in DinoLand”. I only remember two scenes:
The opening scene was supposed to be me simply coming out from side stage, sitting down on the edge and starting my monologue. I remember thinking that it was way too simple and deserved something a bit more imaginative. So what I did was, I came out from side stage and acted like I was using a machete to cut back thick overgrowth. I zigged and zagged for 30 seconds or so, then saw a “nice spot”, sat down, and pretended to fish. And while I was reeling, I started my monologue.
The second scene I distinctly remember is one where I completely forgot my lines the first run of the show. The play was obviously an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, and this scene was when I was talking to the caterpillar (who was some sort of dinosaur. All I remember is James’ aunt had made him a really cool looking outfit and I was jealous.) and there was dead silence as I realized I had no idea what I had to say next. My teacher ended up coming to the front of the stage and read me the first few words, then I handled it from there.

Overall, it was a great experience that I wish I had pursued throughout my education. Instead, I took college level classes, went home, maybe did my homework, and played video games to take up every last second of my free time. I did absolutely nothing extracurricularly to better myself or to find my passion.

4th – 6th grade, I remember being very excited about writing prompts. I knew I excelled at writing, but would never write in my free time. There were just too many video games to play. I’d write short stories that would blow my teachers minds out of the water. I watched as my English and writing scores blew through the roof until I was writing at a high school level.  But I did nothing with that skill.


This isn’t meant to bring me down, and I am certainly not unhappy with myself now. I’m just glad that I’ve finally found the sense to start making something of my gifts and actively pursuing my own betterment through this medium and community. The amount of bloggers I see on this site is astounding, and I love to see so many others who share my passion. It can take a lot to open yourself up to the world, and I have nothing but the utmost respect to those who do.

My next step is to keep posting on this blog every day, as much as I can. I was reading an article earlier saying how writing is a muscle, and that we as bloggers and writers and authors must use that muscle every day to get better at what we do. Something else that really stuck out to me was when he wrote that even if it’s crap, write EVERY day. Not every piece of work can be a masterpiece, I need to realize that. Utilizing this as a tool for the betterment of me as a writer is what I need to be thinking of.

This blog may begin to look a bit more random and personal than my original focus was set to. But you know? That’s okay.

Once I get enough skill, though I know that is completely relative, and in my mind I will probably never have enough, I will begin a book that I WILL finish. I want to see that money come in and see my phone explode with movie deals and book signings.

That’s my dream career right there.


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