Fate or Coincidence?

As I was sitting here tonight, reading through articles for inspiration, I kept stumbling across information regarding the  formulation and outlining of a novel. Clearly I was intrigued, as it may come to no surprise to you if you read my last post about my dream career as a novelist.

So I’m sitting here, minding my own business, when I come across what I can only describe as the single-most important internet page any fiction writer could come across.

It’s called “The Periodic Table of Storytelling” and let me tell you, it just may have been the first domino, because it got the ol’ gears turning and as I’m writing this as quickly as I can, I have more and more thoughts of what I would like to see from my first novel.

You see, one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) problems I have faced in my life is my disorganization. In fact, it is very likely that my disorganization is the bane to my creativity. How does one expect to write great things if his desk is cluttered (for lack of a much more serious word) with Powerade bottles, pens, and fast food rubbish? I know, I am very untidy. I would like to take this moment to say that, at this particular time, my desk has only 2 bottles on it. That’s like, the cleanest it’s ever going to be. I’m pretty sure that the biggest creative geniuses in the world had problems with disorganization too, so I would love to attribute my little problem with that, if I could!

Did you check out that link? Well do it, because even if you are not into writing, it’s interesting to look at and learn about.

After perusing this periodic table for about thirty minutes, I began researching ways to organize my thoughts into an outline, as that is clearly important for a flowing novel with a consistent feel. Fortunately with blogging, outlining is not required and if you do outline your blog posts, you’re probably trying way too hard…or you’re just a Type A personality.

Anyway, I came across this great link from the Writer’s Digest, “How to Organize and Develop Ideas For Your Novel” and after reading it through, I grabbed the closest notebook, of which I own at least 6 kicking around in random areas of this room, and began jotting down some ideas.

The article revolved heavily around the usage of note cards, which I quickly realized I needed, as our minds do not think linearly when we are trying to channel our inner author.

So it’s 9:40 at this point, I throw on some pants and drive to the closest store for some note cards. Wouldn’t you know it, I made it 10 minutes before they closed and I grabbed the absolute last pack of cards. Was this a sign from fate validating and urging me to continue on with my ideas? Or is it simply coincidence?

I don’t believe in coincidences.

Catch you guys later, I’ve got ideas that are begging to come to life.


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