857499_10202722316202367_1784951711_oWelcome to The Pursuit of Betterment!

About Me
My name is Jake Lashon and I am a 23 year old from Skowhegan, Maine here in the USA. My three passions in life are writing, music and people. I try to be as positive as I possibly can and spread it to those around me. I’m a left-handed, right-brained thinker so my head is always in the clouds. I studied Communication and New Media but never finished my degree, which I kick myself for. When the time is right to continue my education, I’d like to pursue Journalism.

Why You Should Follow My Blog
If you often find yourself thinking about life and how we as a society perceive it, this blog is for you. I love to look at opportunities we have in this day and age that we take for granted and compare them to the past for a new, positive perspective. Simple concepts and ideas, sayings or current events are a handful of things my daily thoughts dwell on. The most recurring topic I find myself writing about is putting value into yourself and others around you, and to open your eyes to the thoughts and ideas of others.

Why I’m Not Simply Journaling
I’ve always been the type of person to need to write something down in order to get it off my chest. In the past, this has proved destructive when I don’t take care of my little notes (yikes!) but I have found a way to turn it around to be productive not only for myself, but for other people. I’m a relatively outgoing guy and I love to be around people; hearing what they have to say, feeling how they are feeling, and just getting to know them in general. I tried my hand in journaling but it was something that I couldn’t truly pour my passion into, because in my point of view, what is writing down your thoughts just to keep them to yourself? Why not allow like-minded people to be a part of your world as well? One day I registered an account for WordPress and I’ve been posting almost every day since. I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know people from all over the globe.


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