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Social Technology: Part 4 – The Future

Let me begin tonight’s post by saying, if you haven’t read Part 1, 2 or 3, please do so before continuing!

In previous posts of this series, I have talked an awful lot about social technology in relation to current generations and past generations, but I have yet to touch upon the potential future if trends continue. After researching the topic, it is clear to me that while social technology does a lot of good, it is also causing some very negative effects on us as a society. If trends continue, one can only wonder what the future will hold…

Your grandchildren Michael and Andrea are sitting in their iChairs when all of a sudden Andrea experiences some discomfort in her lower back.
“Siri” she says in an agitated manner, “set firmness to 75”
“Acknowledged” The chair adjusts in 3 seconds.
“This iChair takes way too long to adjust, Michael. You should have told Mom to buy me the iChairS for Christmas.” Michael rolls his eyes. He is using his new Google Glass 3 to search for new hiking gear.
“What do you think about these?” Michael asks Andrea as he jerks his head suddenly in Andreas direction, prompting his view to show up on Andrea’s screen.
” Those look great, but have pretty bad reviews, how about these?” Andrea repeats the motion.
“Guess I’ll try them both. Send both. Confirm”
30 minutes later, a thud is heard at the doorstep as Michael’s package has arrived thanks to Amazon Prime Air.
“About freaking time. I just about keeled over with boredom from waiting so long!” Michael whined. He proceeded to try on both pairs of boots, decided on one, and sent the other pair back with the Amazon drone.

Back away slowly kids
Back away slowly kids

This is a very realistic scenario! This technology will make comfort and purchases easier than ever to manage and take hardly any time at all… but the children of that generation will never know what it is like to have to wait 2-5 days (or more) for a package to arrive at your doorstep. This is an inevitable occurrence among all generations though, so it’s up to us to instill modesty into our children and keep them humble by remembering the past.

Nope, not scary or anything
Nope, not scary or anything

I would not be surprised if “hanging out” with friends will eventually turn into teens on video chats like Google Hangout in their rooms all day. Physical Interactivity will become a thing of the past, or at least you will begin to see much less of it! With all of this ease-of-use technology being released in the coming years, the humans from Wall-E come to mind.

Let's not let it get THIS bad, eh?
Let’s not let it get THIS bad, eh?

No one wants a robot apocalypse. There would be all kinds of violence and shooting and death and…okay that sounds kind of cool, but let’s keep hoping for our apocalypse to come with zombies and not machines. Zombies are much easier to kill. But then again….


This has been a very fun series to conceptualize! What are your thought on the future and what it may hold for us and our children?


Social Technology: Part 3 – A Deeper Look

Good evening Pursuiters! Before I start with the next entry in the Social Technology series, I’d like to take the time and ask your opinion on my approach to this blog. Check out the fanpage on Facebook for more information.

Tonight’s post is the third addition to the series, A Deeper Look. In Part 1, some cons of social technology were mentioned. In Part 2, the potential of it, as well as the importance of networking were mentioned. Now it’s time to take a step back and combine both the pros and the cons and take a look at the social life of the past to put it all in perspective, as well as some more effects to consider.

After I got home from work tonight, I sat down in the living room and struck up a conversation with my Mom about social technology and asked her what it was like when she was a child when she wanted to hang out with friends. What she said completely validated a thought I had earlier, and that was that when our parents were children, they had to have a lot more planning than we did. (and certainly more than the kids ten years younger than us do!) They didn’t have cell phones, computers or any other source of instant communication that we grew up with. Can you imagine having to call up a friend on their home phone? Or calling up your girlfriend praying to God that her Dad doesn’t pick up? These are just a few of the problems that we did not have to deal with!
guy-yelling-on-phone2My Mom is currently attending college for Education and in the conversation we were having she went on to say how surprised she was that her classmates will do their schoolwork the day it is due. Now, this didn’t surprise me at all, as I was hugely guilty of this too. I brought up that it’s not procrastination that has increased, it’s the availability of resources, allowing procrastination to thrive and tempt people more than ever. It’s so easy to half-ass an essay now that we all have laptops glued to our bodies practically 24/7 and can type much faster than most people could ever dream of writing.
laptops-for-studentsI also did a little bit of research and came across this article that brought up some fantastic points:
There are (at least) 4 negative side effects of technology
1) Elevated Exasperation
2) Deteriorated Patience
3) Declining Writing Skills
4) Lack of Physical Interactivity.

Elevated Exasperation
I chuckled when I read this part of the article, as a few people came to mind immediately. I feel that the media that we have integrated in our lives now greatly increase the stress put upon us because we are constantly engaged in activity. Video games were mentioned in the article and that is a HUGE contributor of stress! It’s something that gamers absolutely hate to hear and they flat out refuse this, but it really is true.. and I can say it because I am one of them! Sure you’re having fun, but inside you are stressing out about being the best, or winning, or being as efficient as possible, so when anything in the real world comes up you tend to get frustrated. (to varying degrees)

I can’t begin to comprehend how many games I’ve gone into where people just can’t take anything casually! I’ve reached the point in my life where when I game, it’s few and far between and it is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when people get emotional over something so meaningless. I have been successfully turning away from time-wasters and putting my focus on productive tasks, like this blog which I am really starting to love. I am well aware that productivity is relative, what is meaningless to one holds value to the next, that being said.
16274Deteriorated Patience
Another strong point. Instant gratification is so abundant now, that whenever anyone has to wait for anything they get all whiny! Oh no, my internet page is taking longer than 2 seconds to load. Dude! You were born into a period of time when you, unlike any other generation in existence, have access to an infinite amount of information and you’re complaining about it’s speed while you’re sitting there typing and clicking? Come on, show some gratitude.

This is certainly not limited to the internet. You can see this in action in many situations. You know what’s funny? When the guy behind you in the fast food line honks because he is impatient. Sometimes I just want to roll down my window, look them dead in the eye with a straight face and flip them off. I’d rather not get shot though.
5965876_700bDeclining Writing Skills
This is the only point where I didn’t feel too strongly with. Sure, you got your people who are going to type “u” and other slang words into a messager service, but for the most part I feel like we know the difference between speaking in an educated manner and speaking to our friends. This post also mentions the fact that we do not know how to write in cursive. I don’t know about you, but I learned cursive in fourth grade. I never use it, but I could still write in it if I need to, but come on… who needs to write in cursive anymore, really?
Dumb-Face-Computer-Guy1Lack of Physical Interactivity
This is something I feel strongly about and covered in Part 1, to a much higher degree than I originally planned. Relying on digital means of communication is causing people to completely miss out on things like body language and tone which is a MAJOR part of communication! Unfortunately, this is probably not going to change, and will ultimately get worse…
awkward-friendship-meetingSo what are your thoughts on this piece? Do you agree or disagree with the article and/or my opinion?

Tomorrow will be the final piece of this series, where we will take a look at the possibilities of the world of tomorrow if these trends continue. (Should be fun!)

Social Technology: Part 2 – Networking

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everybody had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. Tonight I will be continuing my Social Technology series with Part 2 – Networking.15732588-happy-new-year-2014-message-over-black-backgroundNow that we learned some downsides of social technology, let’s take a moment to focus in on the greatness of it. As I mentioned in my previous post, never before has a generation been so connected to one another. Why is it that we all share this common bit of knowledge but so few of us take advantage of this amazing gift? Networking is a major part of life in every aspect, as other people play a humongous part in our day-to-day lives (Whether we want to believe this or not!)
digital-handshakeFacebook is essentially a giant community of people pulled from all areas of the world and from all walks of life, yet the majority of them see it as a mere tool for keeping in touch with friends. It has so much more capability that what we are using it for! You could grow your business, start a cause, or create a community in less than an hour. You can make your voice heard in a way unlike any other mode of communication across the timeline of humanity!
megaphone-guyIt seems to me like a lot of people hold back their thoughts and ideas, passing them off as unimportant and that no one would care. An amazing thing happens when you make yourself heard.. like-minded people attract to you and suddenly you are surrounded by people who understand where you are coming from and who are supportive of your thoughts and ideas. There is nothing more motivational than that! People are too afraid to put value in themselves, or genuinely feel that they are unimportant but those who feel that way should take a step back and re-evaluate the world around them and know that they are important.

bb7Looking at this potential from a business perspective, there is no better way to get a fresh market than by creating a social media profile. It’s insane to think that networking in social media has grown so much in businesses both big and small in less than decade. In fact, there are businesses specifically created to assist companies in branding themselves through sites like Facebook and Twitter. All it takes is a simple “like” or “follow” and one potential customer is going to be looking at your business posts for years to come. The best part? It’s completely free! (Though companies can pay Facebook to sponsor them.
Social-Media-Business-AuditingAll of that aside, social media is always going to be most used as a simple connection between you and the people you care about. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s absolutely incredible how easy it is to send a message to anyone in our lives without worry or hassle and we need to consider ourselves lucky to be born in a time when this kind of communication is available… and remember to never take it for granted!
increases-friendsWhat are your thoughts on social media and how we implement it in our day-to-day lives? Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re thinking!

Social Technology: Part 1

Can you imagine having to wait a day or more to talk to a friend or family member? It’s now easier than ever to strike up a conversation with anyone at any time thanks to modern technology. Social media and cell phones have made it possible to communicate with anyone in an instant and on the surface this seems to be nothing but a good thing, but is it possible that these advances have done more bad than good? Has growing up being constantly connected to everyone around us made us take them for granted?
imagesThe other day I was visiting some friends and during my visit, one of them was sitting down and sending out belated Christmas cards. As she was writing in the addresses for all these people, she questioned why we still write out cards every year. She was saying this sarcastically of course, but it did get me thinking of the value of a meaningful message; One that takes more than ten seconds and requires more effort than a few taps of our thumbs.
drawn_christmas_cardWe still value a nice handwritten note, and why? Because it means whoever wrote it took the time to carefully write out their thoughts the old fashioned way, slow and steady. It means they took the effort of taking their time writing, finding an envelope and stamp, and going out to mail it. To some, this is outdated and pointless, but to anyone that is the least bit sentimental, it means a hell of a lot more than a text or a Facebook message.
letter_writingSpeaking of Facebook, let’s take the focus off from snail mail and onto social media. I’m on Facebook, you’re on Facebook, our grandmothers are on Facebook..hell, more than likely your place of business is on Facebook. It’s everywhere now and it is here to stay. And what’s not to love? It’s a social hub that connects you to everyone and everything that you know and love.. but that is exactly where it is destructive. With our ability to stay in constant communication with other people, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have made us taken peoples’ availability for granted and have made conversation much less meaningful. Sometimes I find myself at a loss for words when I run into someone I haven’t seen in awhile because either A) I already know how they’ve been thanks to the internet, or B) We’ve already chatted so much online that now when conversation really matters in person, we have nothing left to say.
169502-1ozloe1387544313They say body language is something like 60-80% of conversation and that’s all lost when we talk to people solely through social media. Like all things, conversing through social media should be in moderation. Don’t forget to spend time in person with people too when you can, and try not to take anyone’s time for granted!

This is one of many segments on social technology I will be writing about this week, so stay tuned for more!